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Shifting Perspectives: A transformative approach to life and love!

There are still spots available for an upcoming retreat I will be leading at the beautiful Christine Center in Willard, Wi.

I am excited to bring two of my passions together (outward mindset and spirituality) during this retreat.

Here is the description of the retreat:

Relying on our spiritual practice, we can often expect a change of heart, attitude, and behavior; to recognize and let go of our ego. Even when we have a strong practice, we can find ourselves questioning if it really works.

What good is our spiritual practice if 20 minutes after we leave our quiet sit, we find ourselves cussing under or breath (or not under our breath) at the drivers on the road with us?What good is spending our lunch hour walking in contemplation only to realize that we have been plotting how to avoid our micro managing boss when we get back to work?What good is practicing surrender if when in conversation with our adult children we continue to offer unwanted advice?What good is our spiritual practice if we complain all day?

Life is full of these difficulties… and the daily struggles we face can seemingly wash away all the effort we spend in “practice” instead of allowing our practice to bring about a “Christ Soaked World” view.

This retreat will take the works of Eckhart Tolle, Fr. Richard Rohr, Carl Jung, Mark Nepo and others to help us shift perspective towards a transformative as well as practical spirituality for everyday life and love.

Click on the link for registration/information

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