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Wendy Mitch, owner of Shifting Perspectives, has been challenging, training, and developing others for more than 36 years. She is a licensed Integral Life Coach through New Ventures West, has her master’s degree in Servant Leadership, and is a licensed facilitator for the Arbinger Institute. Wendy completed the Enneagram Spectrum Training in 2023 and is a Certified Enneagram Spectrum facilitator. She will complete the 3 year "Wisdom Way" Life Coaching Program is January of 2024. Wendy has facilitated hundreds of workshops, seminars, and retreats in the areas of Outward Mindset, Servant Leadership, Self-Deception, Emotional Intelligence, the Medicine Wheel, Creating An Authentic Life, and now her newest program, Spiral Dynamics!

Wendy's passion, energy, and extensive knowledge continues to captivate her participants and instill positive, productive, and long-lasting change.

Wendy lives in Plover, Wisconsin with her husband, Rusty Mitch. Rusty and Wendy have 6 kids. Aside from coaching and consulting, Wendy leads an active lifestyle and loves engaging in outdoor activities — hiking, biking, kayaking, paddle-boarding, and mowing the lawn are some of her favorite pastimes. 


"Leadership is about empathy. it is about having the ability to relate to and connect with people for the purpose of inspiring and empowering their lives." 

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