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Are you looking for enriching and long-lasting personal growth? Are you trying to develop sustainable practices to help you live a happier and more satisfying life? 

For those wishing to deepen their connection to themselves with intentionality and purpose, Wendy will develop an integral coaching plan to help you integrate the three centers of intelligence; head, heart, body. She will journey alongside you in a supportive role and provide accountability, tools, resources, and support to help you gain the capacities you desire.


Coaching is not about fixing you, because this assumes brokenness, and none of us are broken. Coaching is about helping others sink deeper into and become the best versions of themselves. 

With Wendy's guidance and support, you will discover your truest nature and regain access to the unique qualities only you embody, which empower you to live a fulfilled, meaningful life.

 *Wendy offers Integral Coaching for individuals and groups.

Integral Coachng


Spiral Dynamics brilliantly uncovers how and why we develop certain beliefs, motives, opinions, attitudes, work ethics, and behaviors. 


By understanding this model, we can radically transform our lives, initiating self-awareness, creating meaningful relationships, and deepening our understanding of ourselves and of others.

When we start to understand why we differ from one another, our ability to extend empathy and compassion happens more naturally and effortlessly. This training is incredibly beneficial in the workplace, relationships, religious institutions, and small communities, as it enhances our knowledge and self-awareness for why we do what we do.


Spiral Dynamics is an evidenced based, jaw-dropping, eye-popping, program for you and your team! 

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Leadership is not only important in business, but also key to success in most settings, including parenthood, education, health-care, and a variety of non-profit organizations.

As we grow in a deeper understanding of ourselves and our motivations, we can shift from being our worst enemy to our greatest ally. Releasing old patterns of collusion and self-betrayal, we will grow in our capacity for creativity, compassion and problem solving. We will move from being the victim in our stories to being the author. 

Through the use of facilitator input, group processes, facilitated discussions, and journaling, participants will find community and practices to encourage continued growth.  

Spiral Dynamic Training
Authentic Leadership Retreat
Light and Shadow


As people embark on a journey of self-discovery, they often reach these "in-between" places. Their old understandings of reality don't work anymore, yet the journey forward can feel lonely as they leave a place that felt like home. An Integral Approach to Spiritual Development can offer guidance during these challenging times of transformation. 


Drawing on the work of Spiral Dynamics by integral theorists: Ken Wilber, Don Beck, and Clare W. Graves, we will look at the various phases of human development. Words such as "God," "Spirit," and "religion" will take on different meanings depending on where we are on our journey. We don't lose our faith, it simply transforms.

Through the use of facilitator input, group processes, facilitated discussions, journaling, and integral practices incorporating head, heart, and body, participants will find community and practices to encourage continued growth. 

Light and Shadow
Integral Approach to SD Retreat
Antelope Canyon


Self Deception: "Having a problem, not knowing I have a problem, and resisting the possibility that I might even be part of the problem." (Arbinger)


During this training we will be taking a deep dive into the practices of servant leadership, and making an honest assessment of our own self-deception.

How can I be more helpful?

How can I help things go right?

How might I be part of the problem? 

These are a few of the questions we will explore.

This training will offer the opportunity to uncover and dismantle some of the ways we participate in and even perpetuate the “problems” we experience in our relationships.

We will spend time in personal reflection, one on one dialogue, small group discussion, and facilitator guided conversations.

 The goal: to do my job so well that others can do their job even better!

Servant Leadership & SD

The Enneagram teaches that there are 9 different personality types in the world, one of which we naturally gravitate towards and adopt in childhood to cope and feel safe.

Most folks assume they know who they are with “pretty good” understanding, even though they don’t. They don’t question the lens through which they see the world, where it came from, how it has shaped their lives or even if the vision of reality it gives them is distorted or true. Even more troubling, most people aren’t aware of how things that helped them survive as kids are now holding them back as adults. The Enneagram is a powerful tool for personal development.

Contact Wendy for individual coaching, workshops, trainings based on the Enneagram

Key Notes & Public Speaking


Wendy is available for keynote addresses and public speaking events on a variety of topics. Asa master facilitator, Wendy offers insight, inspiration, and humor to engage her audience, leaving people with a new perspective, as well as the tools to integrate what they have learned.


Outward mindset, servant leadership, Spiral Dynamics, spiritual development, the role of ego in the workplace, the Medicine Wheel, and self-deception are some of the topics that Wendy specializes in. Her talks are ideal for leadership development, employee motivation, team-building, and boosting morale in the workplace.   

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