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Todd Kuckkahn,
Executive Director
Portage County Business Council

“Wendy Mitch has facilitated leadership training for Portage County Business Council’s Leadership Portage County program for the past several years. Her training style is interactive and engaging and thus is very well-received by participants. Wendy doesn’t just teach or instruct, she challenges and supports. Participants are not given an easy out in her trainings. Instead they are often forced to confront the implications of this curriculum in their personal and professional lives. This leads to growth and changes lives; attendees to Wendy’s sessions leave having taken an active step toward addressing a relationship challenge, not just the feeling that maybe they’ll do something, one day. Wendy’s training is consistently reviewed as a favorite part of the Leadership Portage County curriculum.”

katie riley.jpeg

Katie Riley
Owner/Agent State Farm Insurance
Serving the Madison, WI area

“Wendy is engaging, insightful and genuinely interested in helping people move in a positive direction.  I have had the pleasure of having Wendy as my coach in leadership courses several times. Her guidance and support to help improve relationships with family, friends and colleagues is priceless. I am so thankful our paths have crossed more than once.”


Craig Gerlach, Ed.S
Stevens Point Area Public School District

“Wendy is a passionate, knowledgeable, and thoughtful presenter who took the time to ensure our team not only understood the content, but was ready to put it into practice in their work with each other and their teams.”


Joe Martino
Managing Partner
Stevens Point Brewery

"On behalf of the Stevens Point Brewery and our senior management team, I want to thank Wendy and compliment her on her outstanding Outward Thinking workshop. It was presented in a professional, enthusiastic, and entertaining way. I particularly enjoyed hearing her personal examples and experiences, which helped exemplify the program in real-life situations. 

Our senior managers and I are already employing the tools we’ve been taught, and the results have been immediately apparent.  With changes in mindsets, we have improved communications, respect, and morale. 

Given these results, I am pleased to say we would like to expand our participation and schedule additional workshops…first with our middle-level managers, and then with our production workers. It’s clear that all brewery personnel will benefit from the concepts Wendy teaches, not only in the workplace, but in their homes as well.”

john huffaker.jpg

John Huffaker, MA, LP
Red Wing, Minnesota

"Wendy’s presentation, 'Shifting Perspectives' was compelling and thought-provoking, challenging us to look at ourselves as a way out of our "us/them" mentality that is both unproductive and alienating in relationships. She encouraged the workshop participants to self-reflect on how we are both part of the problem and part of the solution, and did this in a respectful engaging manner. I would encourage anyone interested who feels stuck in a relationship, whether it be professional or personal, to participate in this 'Shifting Perspectives' workshop."


Barb Agen, RN, MSN
Administrator, Division of Education
Marshfield Clinic Health Systems

"Wendy is passionate about sharing her expertise in Servant Leadership. Her genuine disposition and compassion provides learners a safe environment to become vulnerable to their shortcomings and grow as leaders. The principles taught in her class can be applied the minute you leave her class. Wendy’s training on Servant Leadership has helped me develop better relationships with my work team, family and friends. I would encourage others to participate in her courses for both professional and personal growth."

Sherrie 2.png

Sherrie Stanczyk
Early Learning Principal
Stevens Point Area Public School District

"I began my journey with Wendy Mitch during the summer of 2021. During that time, Wendy was completing her Integral Coaching certification program, and she was tasked with coaching clients as a part of her course work. When I agreed to the coaching, I thought it was more about helping her receive her certification than a journey of self-discovery, growth, and empowerment. I quickly discovered that I had it all wrong!  


As Wendy coached me, I remember being struck by how intently she listened. She took what she learned from my initial visit and created a personalized growth plan that focussed on my head, heart, and body. Though I valued those parts separately, I didn't realize the importance of connecting them until I began my journey with Wendy.


Wendy's ability to ask difficult questions without judgment is incredible. Her questions challenged me, but in just the right way.  Checking in with Wendy frequently throughout our time together held me accountable and was critical to my overall success. With a focus on the head, heart, and body, Wendy coached me through a true transformation of self-empowerment."

Renee Almeida photo_edited_edited.jpg

Renee Almeida, BSN, RN
RN Accreditation Specialist, Continuous Readiness
Gundersen Health Systems, LaCrosse, WI

"Working with Wendy has helped me develop and strengthen my relationships with family, friends, and colleagues. Her guidance and practice recommendations have led me to listen to others with my heart. Thank you for facilitating my personal and professional growth. I am living life in a more intentional way and have positively reframed my thinking process through sustainable daily centering practices."

carey grieves.jpg

Carey Grieves
Health Coach
ThedaCare Medical Center
Shawano, WI

"I recently got to take a weekend course with Wendy Mitch in a small group format. From the very start, it was evident, we’re going to be diving in deep this weekend! She challenged us to look under the hood of what’s happening in our own world and apply it in specific ways. Shifting your perspective takes effort, as it’s not our natural default when faced with something, but it remains as the key piece in our arsenal to evoke change. I’m grateful to Wendy to furthering my knowledge base in an area that makes total sense but will require continued effort and growth in. Thank you Wendy!!"


Sue Melville
Early Childhood Program Support Specialist
Stevens Point Public School District


"It’s rare to find such a genuine and veracious mentor like Wendy. I continue to be in awe of Wendy’s ability to thoughtfully listen and guide me to gain strategies and insight to move my mindset to a place of continued transformation.  Through the sharing of laughter, tears, and frustration, she assists me in changing simple responses to allow for growth in my leadership position."


Dawn Collins 
Early Childhood Special Education Teacher
Stevens Point Area Public School District

"Participating in the coaching program has allowed me to discover and put into practice new self-enhancing strategies to live my best life, both personally and professionally.  The plan that Wendy created helped me to recognize and strive to achieve my goals.  The discussions, resources, and reflections during coaching sessions with Wendy guided me through a journey of understanding; that I can be free of what others expect from me, and begin to trust myself to know what I need to do to be my best self.  I have been able to utilize these tools to strengthen my relationships, with myself and others.  These learned skills have become sustainable life-long habits I can integrate into daily life."

1 (4).jpg

Bobbie Knecht
Continuing Medical Education Specialist Team Lead
Division of Education, Marshfield Clinic Health Systems

"There are not enough words to express how beneficial my coaching experience with Wendy has been. She freed me from a burden I had been carrying around for 30+ years. This experience has been priceless and I am so grateful that I reached out and took this step, it is okay to ask for help and Wendy’s approach is so simple yet something I could not have thought to do on my own. Trust the process, trust Wendy, you will be so glad you did. I am forever grateful for this amazingly beautiful experience!"

Ryan Fox.jpg

Ryan Fox
Police Chief
Plover Police Department

"Wendy’s commitment to making people better both personally and professionally through her training really shines through. She challenges her attendees by getting them out of their comfort zones, and encourages inner self-reflection. Wendy is able to motivate and inspire people to be the best version of themselves by giving them the “tools” to succeed. Not only does this enrich the lives of the individuals, but can help build better organizations."

TomL 2018 portrait.jpg

Father Tom Lindner
St. Anne Parish
Wausau, WI

"Our staff is not large, which potentially makes ruts and unfortunate routines of behavior and attitude even more problematic. With fewer people we all need to be on track, rowing in the same direction and with as much effort as possible. Wendy's enthusiasm and honesty, as well as wisdom and insight, pushed us gently and firmly to initiate some conversation addressing the collusion and, I'd term it, deceptions that can distract and deter a more positive and constructive work environment and, most problematically, what and who we are meant to be for the people we serve. Our time with Wendy was valuable and necessary in ways we have yet to realize. And there's the key - she's given us the tools and language to keep realizing what our time with her has only begun."

Dan Ault -cutout_edited_edited.jpg

Dan Ault
Village Administrator 
Village of Plover

“Wendy was fantastic! Her presentation to our employees was very impactful.  Wendy is a great presenter who connected to our group through her real life experiences. Wendy’s sense of humor and her sharp wit also made the training material memorable and fun. The entire day was extremely meaningful and made a real difference to all of us. We absolutely will be looking towards Wendy for future trainings. Thank you Wendy for a fantastic training day you really did make a difference.”

"When it comes to [personal development] today, we tend to be long on butterflies and short on cocoons."
- Sue Monk Kidd 

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